Price List

Here are my prices! Please contact me through one of the socials if they are open and if you are interested!

Want more art examples? Check out my art tab on the hub page or my socials for the most recent art.

Make sure to check below for EXCLUSIVE DEALS; things I'll accept for art instead of [USD] Prices are shown from lowest to highest! <3

Another thing to check out below: PLEASE READ my T.O.S before buying from me.


Commissions are currently OPEN!~

Silly DoOdLe YCH

Just some silly ole doodle ych


10$ USD
These are sketched themed icons of your characters!


30$-65$ They range depending on complexity and how much you may want to include.
A character made fully customized to your liking! <3

REMEMBER you can see all my examples on my toyhouse! Check in on my characters (Design Gallery)


Unlike the sketchie icons these are finished icons of your characters!


Half body art of your character!


35-65$ Range
Ref sheet of your character. Can have accessory add ons or others. The more you want to be added, adds to the price.

Digital Paints

Depending on the complexity of what you may want will determine the price.

Exclusive Deals

Here you can find exclusive deals, meaing these are things I would accept for art other than USD$

I'll might accept adopts/designs from the following designers, @Mochupudding (Insta)/ Mochupuddinq (TH)

Here are some of the species I'll possibly accept for art!

Amino Exclusives
Check my amino's such as Furry Amino or OCA Amino for amino coin biddings. However, if you're not interested in bidding, you can always contact me with an offer. Please note will only accept offers around the 15k-100k amino coin range.

Buy 1 sketchie get one for 5$
Buy 4 and get for 25$

Terms OF Service


By purchasing art from me you have agreed to this Terms Of Service. I require payment before I start. This is due to people failing to pay in the past... I will only make changes if I have not started the linework. Minor changes such as artist error will be fixed. Even if linework has been started. I put lots of time and effort into my sketches so I can provide the best possible art piece to you. I will only issue a full refund if I am unable to complete the commission for whatever reason.
I Have the right to decline any commission or discontinue any commission. I will discontinue not work on the commission if the commissioner is harassing, rude, or rushing me to complete. I will issue a full refund if the commission was not started and Half a refund if not started line Art.

[Adopts/ Customs]

By purchasing my adopts, I will only send you the full image//Transfer you adopt; if only the payment has been paid. For customs after the lineart payment must be sent.

If offering art, or OCS in exchange I will be willing to send if after half of the offer has been fulfilled or after the character(s) you are offering has been given first.

I will not take any returns on adopts. All purchases are final.

You are allowed to resell my adopts. You may only sell for higher if added art or physical items to the character. It’s only fair that you resell for what you bought them for if haven’t added any attributes. I want my adopts to go to good loving homes.

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